The Broome County Urban League (a non-profit organization), is managing a project geared towards assisting adults attain economic self-sufficiency through job training. We aim to help them achieve self-sufficiency through work experience and on-the-job training, in the operation of a recycling center and thrift store called the Urban Star.

Participants will learn the basic skills of a retail associate position by providing outstanding customer service, assisting potential patrons in selecting goods, recommending and demonstrating products, stocking shelves, arranging product displays and much more. They will gain professional experience as well as much needed soft-skills that will enable them to be active members in their community.

Our philosophy is to build from “the ground up” by developing the necessary skills as well as mind-set that will help them realize their true potential. With this program we hope to be a model for other states who are struggling with unemployment, by preparing those who may have not had the opportunities to succeed due to restricting life situations. We hope to be a pillar within the community, by enabling others to help enable themselves.